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What we can offer you with cedolinoPRO:

  • Detection of presences and absences of staff;
  • Performance survey;
  • Processing of payslips for employees, for all sectors;
  • Form F24 for monthly payments relating to personnel;
  • Preparation and submission of the various complaints through the appropriate online channels;
  • Repairs;
  • Report of personnel costs on a monthly basis, made on the specific needs of the customer (useful for charging the cost in accounting);
  • Vacation and leave management;
  • Preparation of files for the payment of salaries via online banking;
  • Management of INAIL self-assessments, provision for severance pay, additional monthly accruals, holidays and permits;

• Annual IRAP report;
• CUD and 770 processing;
• Compilation of ISTAT statistical data; field studies.


  • Support and coaching in the management of social security and tax disputes;
  • Realization of preventive and consultative budgets of the human resources area at 360°;
  • Organizational consultancy on staff, roles, tasks and duties.
  • Personnel area cost analysis and optimization strategies;
  • Support in the analysis of the absenteeism rate and formulation of strategies for its reduction;
  • Support, assistance and coaching in the management of relations with staff and trade unions.

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