Corporate Welfare

What is Corporate Welfare?

Corporate Welfare is defined as the coordinated and structured set of initiatives with which companies take care of the needs of their employees and their families, granting benefits and facilities not in cash, but in the form of goods and services. Companies can take charge of the needs of their employees and their families, thus taking on a subsidiary integration function with a social value as well. A function whose value is also recognized by the State, which therefore allows the tax exemption of any services provided by the company, still within the limits set by law.

The reference legislation is the T.U.I.R. (Consolidated Law on Income Taxes) in art. 51 and Art. 100 paragraph 1 which identify the benefits and their tax treatment.

The main areas of intervention:

  • Benefits which essentially have a social security and welfare nature;
  • Goods / services the employee can use immediately even outside the workplace;
  • Work Life Balance: elements that favor a greater balance between work and personal life

Why a welfare plan?

  • Benefit from tax and social security benefits for both the employee and the company;
  • Optimize the costs of incentive policies;
  • Increase productivity and efficiency;
  • Promote the well-being of employees, also supporting their purchasing power;
  • Motivate workers, satisfying their personal and family needs;
  • Promote the reconciliation of family / work time.

Why rely on Acerbi Labor Consultancy Firm?

  • Proven professionalism;
  • In-depth knowledge of the institute's regulatory standards;
  • Network that allows economies of scale;
  • A taylor-made plan, tailored to your reality.

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