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The aim of the labor law Due Diligence is to verify, through the collection and analysis of the necessary documentation and any interviews with employees, whether or not the entrepreneur subject to verification complies with the legislation on labor and social security. And therefore, to bring out any critical issues that may produce costs and decrease the value of the company.

Our appointee must verify the regularity of existing employment relationships. In particular:

  • Correct application of the provisions of law and collective bargaining at national level and, if existing and applied, at territorial and company level;
  • correctness of the payment of wages and their compliance with the individual contracts of each worker, the collective agreements applied and the service performed by the worker;
  • The payment by the employer, as withholding agent, of personal income taxes and the payment of social security contributions, to be paid by the worker and the employer, and insurance premiums;
  • Pending disputes and, on the basis of the investigations carried out, carry out an assessment of potential disputes.

Thanks to the report and our support, the customer will receive a series of intervention proposals - feasible and achievable - and can decide to implement all or part of them, with the aim of making it simpler, more efficient and risk-free litigation its own management of human resources.

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