Why choose Acerbi Labor Consultancy Firm?

If you have any of the following needs, please contact us to find out the details of our consulting service:

  • Calculation of pay differences, compensation for damages, revaluation and interests on behalf of individuals, companies and law firms;
  • Drafting of transaction deeds;
  • Trade union conciliations and arbitration;
  • Technical Consultancy Assignments;
  • On-site assistance in case of inspection visits;
  • Support and verification of compliance in the case of internal management of payroll processing periodic or thematic check-up;
  • Social security analysis of the individual position and elaboration of a pension plan;
  • Management of labor disputes;
  • Consultancy in the use of social harmonizers (CIG, CIGS, etc.);
  • Consultancy relating to individual and collective dismissals;
  • Fulfillments relating to mandatory placement;
  • Management of issues related to the employment relationship, in particular with regard to the disciplinary aspect;
  • Consultancy for the certification of employment contracts (to be signed with the competent bodies);
  • Consultancy in the drafting of subordinate, para-subordinate and self-employed employment contracts;
  • Advice on the drafting of second-level business agreements;
  • Study and consultancy relating to the most appropriate types of contracts.

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