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Labor consultancy and personnel Administration Firm

 Acerbi Labor Consultancy Firm (Studio Associato Acerbi) was founded in 1960 by the business consultant Umberto Acerbi. As a Labor Consultant he has developed its business by providing customers with qualified and efficient advice in the management, consultancy and personnel administration.

Today, the Firm is led by Pier Luca Acerbi - son of the founding partner - by Stella Beltrami, both members of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, and by Alessandro Acerbi.

The Acerbi employment consultancy firm, through the two operational offices in Milan and La Spezia, assists and manages the staff of companies located in the national territory: from Venice to Agrigento, the Acerbi Associate Firm supports the companies of all sectors and size (small, medium and large companies).

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Top services


Practical, rapid, correct! Save time and reduce costs.


Due DiligencePro

Innovative and one of a kind! We simulate a real audit. What would happen if ...

Work Advice

Rules, contracts, sentences, rulings. Can't you find your way through this jungle? We do it for you.


An ALL-INCLUSIVE formula, without thoughts.


Corporate restructuring

Review of existing contracts with employees, new agreements in the trade union, corporate welfare, review personnel costs

Corporate Welfare

Not a normal Welfare Plan but much more

Corporate training at 360°

Training for any specific need - ad hoc - provided directly in the workplace.